What others are saying about The Qualified Homeschooler program:

"There literally isn't anything I could find that I would change or had negative feedback on! I really feel like the course was so well put together and I will be recommending it to anyone I come across who has questions!"
Abbie K.
"Talking with Bonnie upped my confidence in homeschooling IMMENSELY! She is a wealth of information and answered all of my questions thoroughly and made suggestions that were so implementable. I'm a new business owner, but I'm really hoping to homeschool my daughter, but I've been overwhelmed with the idea of getting it going. After talking to Bonnie, not only do I have a better understanding of how to get started, but I also feel like it's something I can really do! If you're needing help in this area, I HIGHLY recommend working with Bonnie. You will be SO glad you did!"
Maddie L.
"I was experiencing some pretty incredible anxiety about how I was going to launch, what curriculum I was going to choose, what our schedule was going to be and how I would do it. Bonnie really proved to be a steady voice of reason, an encourager and really gave me a confidence boost to believe in myself and to go forth and know that I would be the best person to educate my kids. So far, it's going really beautifully. Thank you so much, Bonnie!
Julie F.
Are you wanting to homeschool, but feeling like you need more?

Do you have no clue where to start when it comes to planning?

Does asking for advice or researching just lead to more confusion with all of the different opinions and resources out there?

Are you feeling alone and wishing for some support and someone who understood?

The Qualified Homeschooler Hub is the ANSWER...

With 11 different video modules covering everything from curriculum, socialization, legal requirements and more!

It's everything you will need to set up your homeschooling and nothing that you don't. Easy to listen to anytime - whether you are at a home or on the go. Complete at your own pace and even enjoy the process! This course never feels like a chore.

After completing the course you will...

  • Have an organized but flexible schedule laid out for your entire year
  • Know more about your child and how they learn best
  • Understand your state's legal requirements and exactly how to meet them without feeling overwhelmed
  • ​Be able to make an informed decision about which curriculum to choose without playing Eeny Meeny Miny Moe!
  • ​Have in your possession a COMPLETE HOMESCHOOL PLANNER and process that can be repeated and re-printed every year

    The Qualified Homeschooler Hub is a self-paced online course and community that will take you from overwhelmed, but surviving to homeschooling and THRIVING.

    Those homeschoolers that seem to have it all together do not possess magical powers that are out of your reach. With a little bit of planning and learning some tricks of the trade that are usually realized through years of experience, YOU can feel confident and enjoy your homeschooling too!

    No more questioning whether they are learning enough, whether you are capable of teaching them or feeling like you are failing them. 

    ...for IMMEDIATE access to everything The Hub has to offer!

    What's included inside of TQH Hub...

    • LIFETIME access to The Qualified Homeschooler Hub self-paced course, including all future updates
    • 11 video modules with everything you need to know to plan your best homeschool year yet ($1100 value)
    • Complete free printable HOMESCHOOL PLANNER that can be reused year after year ($50 value x every year your homeschool = $600+!!)
    • ​Exclusive online community for homeschoolers on the same journey to support each other and share experiences
    • Direct access to me through direct messaging for encouragement, problem-solving & anything else that comes up ($100 value)
    • ​One FREE coaching session with me to address any specific questions in your homeschooling ($150 value)
    • ​Regular LIVE Q&A sessions with me for continued support along the way ($200 value)

    That's over $2000 worth of resources & support for only $99!
    And with a 30-day money back guarantee, there is ZERO RISK.

    This program has been designed specifically for all of those busy qualified homeschoolers out there, so if you're afraid that you won't be able to fit this into your schedule - never fear! You will never lose access to the course or free resources, so you can truly take your time. And in our homeschool planning, we abide by the less is more rule. Your days will get easier, not busier, with a road map to follow and a clear vision in front of you!

    The Qualified Homeschooler Hub is for you if...

    • You have no idea where or how to choose the right curriculum
    • You want to know the first steps of homeschooling and how to make it sustainable
    • ​You are unsure which homeschool "style" will fit you and your family best
    • ​You need help figuring out how to plan in a way that will be realistic and allow time for every day life while still educating your child well
    • ​You are READY to homeschool and completely change yours and your child's life forever
    • ​You want more support than a Facebook group or Google can give you

    Ready to stop stressing and unlock the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling?

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